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My Little (*snort*) Introduction

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1.)Quickly explain what your user name means.

Until ailillvalkyrie reminded me, I had forgotten that “orla” means “princess” and “fey” means “fairy”. Therefore, I’m a Celtic fairy princess :). How girly of me. I went through this phase where all my aliases were somehow Celtic related…my email pen name was chiaracarling for a long time.

Heh, I think you said something about ‘quickly’? Such is impossible for me, apparently.

2.)How much tea do you currently have in your possession? What kinds are they?

See my previous post.

3.)What is your favorite kind of tea?

French Vanilla! (Also noted in my previous post.)

4.)How do you prefer to prepare your tea?

Hmm, I’m really not picky. When I take it with other people, I usually like to taste how they prepare it (if that makes sense)…it somehow makes me enjoy it more. But when I make it on my own, I usually take it with sugar. Lots of sugar. I do add honey to herbal tea occasionally. While I love lemon on its own, I don’t particularly care for it in my tea.

5.)What is your favorite movie?

Guh. Pride And Prejudice and Anastasia are the first that come to mind…I’ll feel guilty later for leaving out others!

6.)What is your favorite song?

Again, it’s so hard to choose! Are You Out There by Dar Williams has been one of my more recent favorites. I love good lyrics, but I’m also a fan of fun *cough*cheesy*cough* beat and rhythm, even when the lyrics are lacking (which leads to a few embarrassing songs on my iPod).

7.)What is your favorite TV show?

Doctor Who, Veronica Mars, and Firefly. Doctor Who is probably my most favorite of favorites because it’s brought on such an *healthy* obsession. I was a big fan of Xena as a child *am a dork*.

8.)What is your favorite book?

Choose one? Just one??? Pride and Prejudice is ultimately my favorite, but there are so many I love nearly as much.

9.)Who is your favorite character of all time (it can be from anything)?

Evil questions! I’m actually sitting and staring at the screen contemplating on this because, while I love them all, I’ve never really had a favorite. It’s like trying to choose between your children :X. I think I will have to choose Mr. Darcy (either canon or all Colin Firth-y). I love his personality, even if it is uppercrust…I want a Mr. Darcy for my very own! (But seriously, how do you choose between Rose, the Doctor, Veronica Mars, Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Darcy, Anne Shirley, … … …?)

10.)Tell us an interesting fact about yourself, or something you think we should know.

I love to escape into the world of fandom (well duh). I probably don’t get into the other aspects of fandom like making graphics, writing fanfiction, and looking for news updates on stuff as much as other people, but I am a huge fangirl. What can I say? Fictional lives are much more interesting than my own. The characters are like actual people who are dearer to me than many people I know.

*Breathes a sigh of relief* Phew! That wasn’t as easy as it looks—even though it sure beats Geology studying. :P
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On February 18th, 2006 02:42 am (UTC), ailillvalkyrie commented:
Lovely, lovely choices.
I agree, picking favorites is difficult, especially when they like to change places and create different favorites every week. Oh, well. I love them all. :)
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On February 24th, 2006 07:32 am (UTC), orla_fey replied:
Hee! "And on my calendar this week it shows my favorite is 'David Tennant'...Sorry Colin, you'll be back up there in a couple of weeks!"
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