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Tea and Commentary

Take a sip and have a say!

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Ebert and Roeper have nothing on us...except we don't even get pennies for our thoughts. ;)

This is a place for, as the name says, tea and commentary. Here you can post your opinions on anything and everything and enjoy everyone else's.

tea_commentary is a friendly community so let's make tea, not war. It should go without saying that respect for others is a requirement and flamers will not be tolerated.

So welcome! Grab a cuppa, find a comfortable seat, and let the discussions commence!

Your mods for this community are ailillvalkyrie, and orla_fey. Anyone reading this should be forewarned that both are rabid fangirls in love with all things British (and Scottish, and...oh, you get the idea). Both will certainly make many references to Britain, especially its fine actors (and we mean fine in every sense of the word!). If this will displease you in any way, we are sorry. Feel free to try to convert us to your own interests (as long as you are respectful), as discussion requires many different viewpoints.
After you have been added totea_commentary, please introduce yourself by answering a few questions:

1.) Quickly explain what your user name means.
2.) How much tea do you currently have in your possession? What kinds are they?
3.) What is your favorite kind of tea?
4.) How do you prefer to prepare your tea?
5.) What is your favorite movie?
6.) What is your favorite song?
7.) What is your favorite TV show?
8.) What is your favorite book?
9.) Who is your favorite character of all time (it can be from anything)?
10.) Tell us an interesting fact about yourself, or something you think we should know.